It’s been nearly a year since my last blog post, oops!

Some good news though, I’m dropping WordPress in favor of hugo using the m10c theme. I have been using hugo + geekdocs with great success in my homelab for my little internal documentation site, so it seemed like a logical choice.

As you probably have not noticed, I did move everything from a SmartOS node hosted at So-You-Start to two OmniOS VM over at linode1.

Aside from some warning that the theme module is incompatible with the hugo binary I build for OmniOS, everything seems to be working fine. If I do not detect any issues in the coming days, I will cleanup the old WordPress files and database next weekend.

This also means the site is finally somewhat mobile friendly, was about time I guess.

  1. I should probably write a blog post about this, It took some efford like switching to ide instead of virtio. ↩︎