Hey Folks,

Sorry for not updating more often, but I do not have that much to say. The wiki actually sees more information with me updating that as I go along or discover some small neat things! So please do check out the wiki also!

I had page on the wiki about setting up a serial console on OmniOS and other Illumos based systems like OpenIndiana.

Some improvements were made. But it boils down to a simple patch of console-login service to add 2 (or more) vt’s on the serial ports.

Patch can be found here.

Then do the following to enable login on serial (for non-root only).
You can also enable com1 to enable the 2nd serial port.

sttydefs -a com0 -i '115200 hupcl opost onlcr ofill' -f '115200'
sttydefs -a com1 -i '115200 hupcl opost onlcr ofill' -f '115200'

svccfg export console-login > console-login.xml 
patch < console-login.patch
svccfg import console-login.xml && rm console-login.xml console-login.patch
svcadm enable vtdaemon:default console-login:com0

If you want root to be able to login run the following:

/usr/gnu/bin/sed -i 's/^CONSOLE=/#CONSOLE=/' /etc/default/login

A more in depth explanation that also covers GRUB can be found here.