I’ve been busy lately with various things. Can’t give a detailed update about it for now.
I have been slowly working my way through parsing my notes from my NAS installation and pulling useful snippets out of it. This was made more difficult due to my servers being offline due to a faulty 3-port NIC.

If you hit the solaris section of the wiki. You will see some new stuff, most are related to networking and one about changing your keymap.

I hope to continue expanding this as I continue to parse over my notes.

I did get a nice surprise in the mail this week! Deirdré from Joyent send those! I forgot that she mentioned she would so they came as a total surprise.

SmartOS swag on a table, include a t-shirt and some stickers. Me wearing the SmartOS t-shirt.

Thank you Joyent/Deirdré!