What desktop environment do I use?

August 20th, 2012 | Categories: Linux, Personal, Technology

Someone just asked what desktop environment I use. He didn’t like the new Gnome.
Those who know me well enough, will know I use a mac for my primary workstation. So I’m using aqua as my primary desktop environment.

I do run a lot of linux but none have xorg installed with the exception of my netbook. On my netbook I have a dual setup wit Xfce, because it reminds me of the good old days of gnome. And an xmonad setup.

I have not used the former much and I usually go to xmonad, it slowly grew on me over the years.

As you can see it is nothing to fancy, no tray, no wallpaper. Simple and functional. I will post the configuration for this at some point if you are interested. All you see in the screenshot is xmonad, dzen2 and conky.

In case you are wondering I use CDM for my Desktop Manager. I forgot to take a screenshot, but is is similar to the following one but green instead of blue.

Hopefully this satisfies your curiosity!

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