We are back!

Sort of, I’m still migration from a single VPS to a set of VM’s.
This brings with it a new set of problems related to proxying and things breaking because of this.
Going full out IPv6 has not made it easy, there are a lot of strange things with IPv6 and Zimbra.

So here is some good and some bad news.

  1. I will be updating the site more often.
  2. It will still mainly focus on IT related things (Linux,Solaris,Apache,…).
  3. Most of the old content won’t return.
  4. I will not be releasing newer version of Apache x64 binaries for the 2.2 or 2.4 branches.

What exactly this will now evolve into, I can’t say for 100% as of now.
As you have noticed I switched to WordPress, my old own software was way out of date and I can’t invest the effort in updating it.
You will also have noticed I’m use one of the available themes. I like this one. But I will create my own after all other things are fixed and migration.
For now this will do.

Progress Update:

  • 20120625: Website is online
  • 20120625: Durpal, Joomla and WordPress tested
  • 20120625: Webserver 100% done
  • 20120624: IPv6 rollout
  • 20120624: Z-Push Configuration OK
  • 20120623: WebApplication firewall OK
  • 20120623: Webserver 80% done
  • 20120623: MX Migration OK
  • 20120622: MX Migration started
  • 20120622: Basic VM for new webserver online
  • 20120622: Mail, contact and calendar migration OK
  • 20120622: DNS Migration OK
  • 20120621: DNS Migration started + Setup of Zimbra Open Source Edition
  • 20120620: new VPS online

So please bear with me while I sort out all remaining problems and figure out how to best make use of this website.