Some of you may have noticed, but most probably haven’t. All my important public facing services are now IPv6 ready!

  • DNS1
  • HTTP(s)2
  • SSH
  • IMAP
  • SMTP3
Congratulations, your mail system is IPv6 enabled!

Below comes info about the email that triggered this reply.

Your email was received at: Mon Jun 25 17:57:43 EDT 2012

But are you ready? You can check using

Unfortunately the 2 biggest ISP’s in Belgium don’t offer native IPv6. You can however get a tunnel and a routed /64 subnet for free from many tunnel brokers. I’m a very happy user of SixXS, check them out if you need a tunnel!

Getting an IPv6 address for your computer is just the first step, e-mail is still a big hassle to get right.
Simply send an e-mail to bouncer <at> if you get a reply, you are in luck!

So get your act together, get ready! The day will come.
Some more information can be found here: World IPv6 Launch and wikipedia.

But what about the place you visit? Are they ready?
There is this neat little FireFox plugin called SixIndicator, start asking all your favorite non IPv6 ready websites to get there gears moving and get ready!

World IPv6 Launch Banner

  1. caveat only my primary ns server is IPv6 ready – including glue ↩︎

  2. This website and webmail are available over IPv6 ↩︎

  3. This was my main motivation to move to Zimbra ↩︎