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I have one Arch server left at home, it is behaving badly. It has some fairly new stuff on it so I can’t replace it with CentOS. I should be able to replace it with a new Fedora. So I hunted for a minimal install image… nothing! Netinstall? Ofcourse not! Fedora is a desktop OS, […]

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As you have guessed, I’m a linux geek. I used to be of the bearded kind even. So here is a bit of my history with linux for those who are interested. It all started back in the day with my old Compaq laptop somewhere around 1999, ‘t was the eve before Win2k. A Mandrake […]

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Due to popular demand (I got 1 e-mail, but hey they’ve been gone for a few days). I’ve added some of the old Apache HTTPd 64-bit binaries to the download page under archive. Please use them with care. It is possible I’ll redo the compile tutorial at some point but I currently don’t have access […]

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Some of you may have noticed, but most probably haven’t. All my important public facing services are now IPv6 ready! DNS (caveat only my primary ns server is IPv6 ready – including glue) HTTP(s) (This website and webmail are available over IPv6) SSH SSL VPN IMAP SMTP (This was my main motivation to move to […]

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I recently came upon a IETF draft that was published a few weeks ago. 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons This status code indicates that the server is subject to legal restrictions which prevent it servicing the request. Since such restrictions typically apply to all operators in a legal jurisdiction, the server in question may or […]

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I found myself facing a strange issue while moving from my simple all-in-one VPS server to a more roomy Kimsufi 16G running ESXi 5.0. I only have one IPv4 address so I am using Sophos UTM 9’s Web Application Firewall to spread out some sites to different backend servers. This is working fine, I did […]

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We are back! Sort of, I’m still migration from a single VPS to a set of VM’s. This brings with it a new set of problems related to proxying and things breaking because of this. Going full out IPv6 has not made it easy, there are a lot of strange things with IPv6 and Zimbra. […]

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